KLANK - Where the MOSH PIT meets the DANCE FLOOR!Bay Area Electro Metal

KLANK - Where the MOSH PIT meets the DANCE FLOOR!

Bay Area Electro Metal

KLANK will be playing our first NEW YORK hometown show in 14 years with Long Island thrash metal kings TOXIC SHOCK on Sat March 22 at: EVEN FLOW Bar and Grill  150 E. Main St Bay Shore, New York 11706.  Official Facebook event pagehttps://facebook.com/events/484691338310028

KLANK will be playing our first NEW YORK hometown show in 14 years with Long Island thrash metal kings TOXIC SHOCK on Sat March 22 at:
EVEN FLOW Bar and Grill
150 E. Main St
Bay Shore, New York 11706.

Official Facebook event page

Greetings all:

   Instead of hearing myself and the other members of KLANK hype our new cd, we figured we’d let you hear straight from some of the LISTENERS exactly what THEY think of it. So here is a handful of LISTENER REVIEWS on URBAN WARFARE by KLANK.

Mitchell Lee Fedruk -

    Fourteen tracks of the best Industrial Metal that I’ve listened to for at least the last decade. From the opening track “A Call To Arms” through the last track “Something About You” featuring the vocals of Kings X Dug Pinnick, Urban Warfare stands out as a force to be reckoned with. The quality of the audio mastering is something that I would expect from an A-list studio. Cranked up to full volume, Urban Warfare shakes the walls and blisters your skin without losing the fidelity of the music or vocal tracks… a rare quality in a sea of ‘hot mix’ tracks that distort and fall apart once cranked up past 50% volume. Urban Warfare deserves its place on the top shelf of Industrial Metal albums and should be considered a ‘must buy’ amongst fans of the Industrial Metal genre. I give Urban Warfare a Grade “A” recommendation!

Sven D-Fens -

    First off, the opening track is awesome! Not only a intro, and cool opener, but a well spoken “call to arms!” Then we’re thrown into mix of awesome riffs, hooks, crunches, and melodies that - for some I’m sure - Prong themselves would wish they have had written! ;) What amazes me the most is clever usage of samples, electronics and beats (without allowing to completely take over the tunes), thus making the song texture and sound scapes amazingly rich! Also, Mr. Daren mixes variety of vocals with ease, and it is interesting to hear how they click with the rhythm and feel of each track… They range from growls, to melodic singing, whispering, that add even more to atmosphere that is amazingly crafted in these songs. To name my standout tracks would be rather difficult, as they are all rather amazing, and each and every one has something that grabs my attention! Maybe to point out “Alive in me”, “Stomp you out”, “Sick is the new sane”, and “We’re all suspect” as my *current* favorites… Also, not to forget AMAZING closing track ” Something about you” with guest performance from Doug Pinnick - a little different sound than the rest of the material, but definitely the great closing track, for an outstanding album from KLANK. My score: 5/5 *cheers*

Steve Monez -

    So I have to say that this is an absolutely amazing album!!! The 4 songs from the pre-order held me over but had me wanting for more and today with 4 new songs into what I am hearing for the first time I am really amazed at how awesome this sounds. Well done gentlemen, well done!

Chris Wadsworth - 

    I’m still sticking with my earlier review- prongs aggression at its most intense, but produced by and with the finesse of Moby. the drums, the samples, and the synths prove coupled with the stomping guitars prove that heavy industrial music is still alive and well with KLANK at the helm!

Dale R. Newberry -

    This is a fantastic album. I’ve been wanting some new music and you have delivered some greatness for sure :)

Jason Palmer -

    Just pre-ordered “Urban Warfare”…listening to the 4 tracks while typing this…

1) A Call To Arms… great intro. Love what is being said there.

2) Unamused… freakishly fun and the lyrics, LOVE them.

3) Urban Warfare… straight from the opening riff, heavy as crap. My fav so far.

4) Bigger Man… in a word, awesome!!!

 SO can hardly wait to hear the rest… especially the song with Dug. I have a sneaky feeling this will be VERY heavily played!!!

Steve Moffitt -

OK, so after hearing the first four songs off Urban Warfare, here is what I have to say. Klank sets the standard high for independent music. First of all, on the very first listen you can tell that an extreme amount of effort went into the recording of this album. This wasn’t just a “let’s get together and jam some heavy tunes out and throw them onto a disc” project. This was a “let’s show them how it is supposed to be done when you give a crap about your audience” project. On a zero budget in a home studio, Klank and the band recorded an industrial metal masterpiece that puts at least 90 percent of the rest of the music world to shame. Klank set the bar high. The rest of the independent music world is without excuse. An independent artist does not have to produce an “indie sounding” record. Listening to the first four tracks of Urban Warfare makes me wonder why so many bands with a budget and label backing are putting out garbage. From the minute Klank issues his “Call to arms” you know you are in for something great. By the time you finish with “Bigger Man” you know that you are listening to a bigger band fronted by a bigger man! Urban Warfare lives up to its hype. Klank puts his money (or lack thereof) where his mouth is and delivers the goods as promised. By the time I finished listening to the first four tracks, I had gone from wanting to dance (violently) to wanting to tear some s**t up. This is metal! This is warfare! This is Klank! And yeah, that’s just after four tracks. When I get to hear the rest, I’m sure I’ll have a lot more to say. But for now, if you haven’t pre-ordered the CD, DO IT NOW! Get armed for battle with the best industrial metal to hit the streets in over a decade or risk becoming a casualty of Urban Warfare!

Mick Rowe -

   Controlled Audio Brutality! I love every song you did man! It will be replayed! Cheers to you my brutha for making me peak my amps power supply to help stop the flow of blood from my head- Tell Pinnick he needs to release more stuff!

You guys did a great job! Congrats!

Christopher Courington -

   I just pre-ordered mine. It’s metal, it’s dance, it’s industrial… it’s just awesome. The pre-order comes with a 4-song instant download. kLaNk’s music is always from the heart, so there’s connection. It makes you wanna dance and bang your head… and maybe punch through a wall. I’ve already listened to the 4 song download. Can’t wait for the album. If you are lookin’ for good hard music to add to your collection, please consider kLaNk!!! -

Josh Chapman - 

    Great album!!! Making me wanna drop elbows on the world!!! Blow it All Away is the shit!

So there you have it folks. Just a hand few of what YOU the listener has to say regarding the new tunes! Thank you to all who sent in their comments and words of support. We all greatly appreciate the love and the continued support and are glad you are digging URBAN WARFARE!!! - Klank Diolosa

URBAN WARFARE is available now.

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Urban Warfare album pre-order is now live. GO.

We can’t tell you how excited we are to share with you our first full-length album with all new songs in 12 years: URBAN WARFARE. It came out beautifully. Pre-order and get the first 4 songs now; be one of the first 100 to order and you can get your CD autographed by the band.

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